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by Peggy
I have to admit in the past when I heard cape and fashion in the same sentence, my mind flew to older women and Superman. In 2009, however, designers have re-introduced capes in a youthful, modern, and sophisticated way.

As with lots of fashion, the cape has historical and practical roots. Hooded capes were worn in medieval times. During the nineteenth century, Roman Catholic clergy began to wear them. In modern times, they continue to be worn READ MORE

Spray Tan Service

by Karen
How do celebrities look as golden bronze as their award statues in the middle of winter? It's not in the creams or the booths that assault you with cold jets of READ MORE

Fashion Faux Pas

by Peggy
Have you ever heard someone say, "I don't know what questions I should be asking"? Fashion mistakes are kind of the same thing. The reason we READ MORE

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